Welcome to the application for membership of SECEC/ESSSE. Please read the instructions carefully before you enter the online application process. If you are in doubt please discuss your application with your local National Delegate.

Members are elected into the Society by its Ordinary Members at its General Assembly (usually in September) each year upon the proposal of the Membership Committee after review of criteria. Members must be up to date with their membership fees. The subscription to the JSES will be cut off as long as the fee remains unpaid. All members have full access to the SECEC/ESSSE website. All practitioners able to make a scientific contribution to the association’s purpose are eligible for membership. Applicants for membership will be proposed by the Membership Committee for election at the General Assembly meeting. Membership is lost by : resignation, death expulsion by the Board of Directors for non-payment of dues when the annual subscription has not been paid for 2 consecutive years or due cause, after the member has been afforded a hearing before the Executive Committee by registered mail. If the member wishes to re-join the society and the board of Directors feel this should be allowed, the Executive Committee will decide upon the financial conditions of his re-integration.

For Become a Member 

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